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About Optical Solutions


If you seek bluetooth wireless devices, digital recording, sports and protection eyewear, or 3D entertainment glasses then you have found your Optical Solution.

Optical Solutions is the leading provider and delivers the most diverse brands in the wireless accessories market today. All of our products are designed with our customers in mind and provide the best wireless experence possible.

Innovative handsfree and mobile solutions for anyone who want the ultimate hand free wireless expereince. Our prodcuts combine breathtaking style and capabilities and when they are designed we pay careful attention to ease of use, comfort and asthetics.

Offering first-rate wireless technology to meet the varying needs of our customers worldwide.

Bluetooth Wireless: Short range wireless radio technology that allows electronic devices to connect to each other. It essentially is a cable-replacement technology.

Digital Recording: Record anything, anywhere anytime with a wide variety of cameras designed to suit all of your needs.

Sports and Protection: Stay safe stay one step ahead of your competition during wargames, paintball, night games and more.

Multi Media: Take your entertainment experience to the next level theatrical, television, theme park attractions, website, print viewing and much more.

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