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My father lived in central Mexico for a number of years and is very picky about where he will eat Mexican because so many places are Americanized. Not Castillo - here you gcan get authentic Mexican dishes without the Texas influence - Trip Advisor
Pollo Puebla
  Pollo del Norte $11.95
´╗┐Grilled chicken breast topped with our tomatillo queso cream sauce, sauteed chile poblano & roasted tomatoes over a bed of Mexican rice, Served wtih frijoles charros, lettuce, avocados & tortillas
Grilled chicken breast topped with queso sauce, sauteed mushrooms * bacon over a bed of mexican rice, Served wtih frijoles charros, letuce, sour cream , avocado wedges & tortillas
La Cazuela $11.55   Pollo Loco $11.25
Grilled chicked served over sauteed mushrooms, grilled peppers & onions, topped with white cheese & oven baked, Served with frijoles charros, guacamole & tortillas
  Grilled chicken breast with grilled onions, Served with Mexican rice, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, & tortillas
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