Our delicous fajitas are freshly prepared and made to order.

Made with fresh ingredients & fine Mexican spices.Try one today!

Great Mexican: I love this restaurant. It has great burritos and fajitas. A must have - Sizzling fajitas served with all the sides. - Yahoo Local
de Cameron
  Tres Primos $15.95
´╗┐Marinated shrimp, grilled peppers, served with Mexican rice, frijoles charros & tortillas
Combination of grilled chicken, steak --& shrimp marinated & grilled with pepper & onions, Served with warm Mexican rice and refried beans, and castillo salad & tortillas
del Castillo
Marinated meat served with grilled peppers & onions, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole & cheese, Served wtih Mexican rice, refried beans & tortillas
  Chicken & Steak
Chicken or Steak
Shrimp & Chicken or Steak