Compliment your meal with a sweet treat. You deserve it.

Our desserts are made fresh when you order. Try the Choco Chimi Today!

The shinning star of this restaurant is on the dessert menu. If you go, you MUST have the choco chimi. AMAZING! - Urban Spoon
Fried Ice Cream
  Chocco Chimi $4.75
Vanilla Ice Cream with crispy coating and lightly fried, topped with honey, chocolate syrup & Cinnamon - Crowned with whipped cream
Flour tortilla stuffed with a chocolate bar and deeop-fried. Served with Ice Cream , topped with rich chocolate syrup & whipped cream
Ice Cream
Sopapillas & Ice ream
Rich Vanilla Ice Cream serve with delicious whipped cream
Crispy flour tortilla nachos topped with Cinnamon, sugar & Honey. Served with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream
Mexican Flan
Homemade vanilla custard topped with delicious caramel